Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Perfect Day

I WISH the house behind us in the picture was our house!
Don't you just want to live right one the beach?? I do! And good thing Ivan does too :) Who cares about tsunami scares. In California there are none, so whatevs!!

Last night while Ivan and I were at the movie theaters I reflected back on my day and honestly thought it was the perfect day!! We went on a fabulous date after a fabulous day of school. First we went to the temple in Provo-awesome! we read our scriptures while were waiting and a beautiful time. Then we went out to dinner to Macaroni Grill with our gift card. It was the perfect amount of food and drink for both of us! and the perfect first-we're savvy like that ;) We stayed at the restaurant for a while just talking, about how great our relationship is. We both laughed at all the dumb stuff we used to get mad at when we were first married. We are so over that and we seem to be getting along great now. We also stress out a lot less over finances. To me, it seems like a recent change, just because the Spirit and Service has been so much more involved in my life, so I am happier and more patient. We laugh A LOT and have a good time with each other which makes life so much more pleasant when you're not having battles for everything..hehe. What a great talk we had!
Then we went to Alice and Wonderland-which was weird but I love going out to the movies!! So perfect day = the love of my life, peacefulness, good fun and fun activities :) I LOVE LIFE and I love my friends and Ivan xoxo

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