Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello long lost Blog!

We did it, We did it, we graduated and moved to the big city, New York, New York!
Everything gets updated with facebook so I neglected my blog for the past-almost two years-Whoops!!

Life is great and because I haven't uploaded any pictures in the last month I will refrain from posting the 20+ it would take to recap this last while. Since last time, we moved another four times and from coast to coast. We had our hard times-one of the reasons I fell out of blogging is I got irritated at the fact people only display the BEST parts of their life (including me) like the wedding and Disneyland trips, the rest is swept under the bed- but Ivan and I always stayed together and looking back, the wedding and Disneyland trips stick out as the best parts anyway.

I journal a lot. Like a lot. So, if you get lucky enough to read my 30+ journals after I am dead, you can find out all of the icky details and boring days of my life.

Because I am now addicted to Pinterest-an addiction that took less than a week and has taken my precious evening and morning hours while Ivan plays PS3, I have looked at gazillions of Do-it-yourself and Recipe Blogs. I realized-DUH why didn't I start doing that last year, then a billion teenagers would be posting pictures of my cupcakes!! So I updated my Missy bee blog with pictures of cupcakes. If I lived in a dream world, I would already be cast in a Broadway show and opening my own bakery here in NYC-but i don't live in a dream world. My kitchen frequently becomes that bakery and my neighbors get front row seats for me practicing my fuetes.

Being a member of the church here in NY has been the biggest blessing ever and we have been welcomed into the ward with open arms. I am a ward missionary and frequently go teaching with the sist
ers- so my dream of serving a mission in NYC is coming true.
One down, two to go!

Anywho- I have lots of time to keep in touch and have no excuse this year to forget anyone that needs my friendship. E-mail me or call me anytime!

xoxo~Melissa H.

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Friday, April 23, 2010



We are performing in the Conference Center Little Theatre in SLC Temple Square in May.
Our last performances are in Illinois and Iowa in June 2010.

I will miss YAs so much after this!! Next year (we are so excited still) we are doing Peter Pan at BYU. I am an Indian Dancer and Ivan is Captain Hook and Mr. Darling. It will be in January 2011. Then, we graduate in April!! YAY Life!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brand New Year

Our Young Ambassador year has had the great opportunity to sing for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the youth 2010 theme for all over the world!! We sing in "We Seek After These Things" and the end of "Be Strong" Check it out :)

Brand New Year

Last Thursday, me and seven other YA girls sang backup vocals for the Young Women Broadcast and we got to hear it this Saturday! We're in the video presentation singing "Be Strong"