Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Family is a Little Bit Smaller..

Yesterday seems like the longest day of my life! We got off the your bus (tour was fabulous by the way, entries soon to come) around 9:30 am Sunday. I thought I would spend the rest of the day relaxing and catching up on sleep, but no. We immeadiately went to Payson to pick up Koda. He was different because he probably didn't the attention and discipline he is so used to. So we was pretty uncontrollable and my hopeful feelings of keeping him around faded. We had been praying to find Koda a new home because of our touring schedule and financial position. We always tossed the idea around, but have thought about it seriously ever since he devoured my entire birthday cake on January 18th. haha.

When we got home, I checked my email and a family had responded to my ad on KSL. They seemed awesome and said they were moving into a new house and wanted a dog for the new house in two weeks, but wanted to meet him today. Perfect! We met at the park and her three boys were perfect with Koda. The oldest boy hugged him and said "You're going to be my doggy!"
The family seemed perfect for Koda and their new house and big backyard. As a shocker to both of us, They wanted to take him home right away. We got a special moment with him to say goodbye and we even saved his dog tag. Then, we were both a wreck when we came back in the house. I felt really peaceful and we had been praying to do what's right for him! My comfort came from Koda's happy face and eagerness to jump into a car full of three new friends and brothers! I thought a lot about it today at work, how happy he must be, but how sad I am. This is really dumb but I think I will see him in heaven some day and I really hope he is thankful for what we did for him. He will always be ours, our first dog, and we love him so much!

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