Monday, August 10, 2009

Summertime.. it changes all the time

chocolate with merinque frosting, so easy and delicious. this is what i did yesterday at midnight :) I'm finally back in baking mood and I am actually ready for school! Lately I have been sleeping in and hanging around during the day and working at Target all evening. I don't think we'll be working at the warehouse anymore, which isn't too bad cuz we were expecting to leave at the end of August anyway. School starts on August 31st, a Monday. Normally BYU starts the Tuesday after Labor Day, but not this year, bummer!

Here are pictures from our family visits!! First, Heidi and Mike and the boys came for a couple day visit and we had a barbeque and Uncle Scott and Julie's! We had so much fun :)

Then, My mom and Kayla came to visit for a week, to celebrate Pioneer Day, we went to Seven Peaks-for the first time, Trafalga, we ate and ate and cooked and baked and swam a lot, super fun!

all the while, we still had to work, but hey.. ya gotta do it!
we have been ALL Over the country this summer.. it is always changing!!

Ivan & Melissa
Together Forever

Saturday, August 1, 2009


the last month of summer.. :(
it's work out month!! go us!!

Ivan got a teaching job at Wasatch Ballet
and I got a job at Target. I really like it
Excited for Young Ambassadors in the fall,
possible trip to Jackson Hole, still working
at Joe Veras... and Eating there!

Lazy Summer Days, basically!
WE had SO much fun last week when Kayla
and my Mom visited and the week before
with the Jannson's visit. Pictures soon to
come :)
xox M